Pumpkin & Green Peas

Combination of Pumpkin & Green Peas tempered with Garlic

HRK 25

Tomato Basil Shorba vegetarian glutenfree spicy            HRK 25

Extraction of fresh tomatoes tempered with ginger-garlic & touch of basil

Chicken & Corn nonveg                               HRK 35

Chicken stock cooked with mild spices & corn

Lentil Lamb Shorba nonveg spicy chefReco               HRK 35

Chicken stock cooked with mild spices and tempered with garlic

Refreshing Drinks
Lassi glutenfree                                               HRK 20

Yoghurt flavoured as per choice Chaas / Mix Berries / Mango

Masala Chai glutenfree chefRecommendation                             HRK 15

Dareeling black tea with milk and special blend of spices, served hot


Three Bean Salad

Mix salad, chickpeas, kidneybeans & French beans tossed with bell peppers, olive oil & salt

HRK 30

Mix Leaves Salad glutenfree             HRK 20

Hand picked mix lettuce along with olives, cherry tomatoes, red radish tossed in vinaigrette dressing

Sliced Vegetable Salad glutenfree     HRK 20

Sliced carrot, cucumber, tomato and onion with drizzle of olive oil & salt                                        

Beet & Fennel salad glutenfree         HRK 30

Fresh fennel head, fennel seeds, picked beetroot & mix lettuce tossed in honey mustard along with olives & cherry tomatoes

Southern Favourites

Dosa with Sambhar

Thin pancake made up rice flour & split white urad dal, choice of Mysore masala, Aloo Subzi along with sambhar - south style vegetable & lentils curry

HRK 35

Idli with Sambhar glutenfree vegan                   HRK 30

Steamed cakes of lentil & rice served with sambhar - south style vegetable & lentils curry

Paniyaram glutenfree vegan                                 HRK 25

Dumpling made of fermented lentil & rice

Onion Uttapam with Sambhar glutenfree vegan                   HRK 30

Fermented lentil & rice pancakes topped with onions and served with sambhar - south style vegetables & lentils curry                                    

Appam with Stew glutenfree vegan                                       HRK 45

Kerala special pancake served with vegetable or lamb stew


Tandoor Stuffed Aloo

Barrel shaped potatoes filled with cottage cheese, marinated in yoghurt masala and cooked in tandoor

HRK 60


Pahadi Chicken Tikka

Grilled chicken marinated in yoghurt, ginger-garlic and spices

HRK 60

Pahadi Paneer Tikka vgetarian spicy                 HRK 50

Grilled cottage cheese marinated in yoghurt, ginger-garlic and spices

Mozzarella Broccoli Tandoor Grilled vegetarian   HRK 50

Broccoli blended with cream cheese, lemon juice, green cardamom and mozzarella

Hara Bhara Kebab vegetarian                         HRK 40

Pan fried vegetarian kebabs made with spinach, potatoes and green peas stuffed with cheese

Vegetable Pakoras vegetarian glutenfree glutenfree                 HRK 40

Mix vegetables balls of broccoli, potato, cauliflower, aubergine battered fried

Samosa vegetarian                                         HRK 30

Flour shell stuffed with potatoes and green peas with touch of Indian spices

Reshmi Chicken Tikka nonvegetarian                       HRK 65

Grilled chicken blended with cashew nut paste, saffron, fresh cream, cheese & lemon juice

Tandoori Chicken nonvegetarian chefReco spicy                   HRK 65

The king of kebab chicken marinated in special spice & grilled

Mutton Seekh nonvegetarian chefRecommendation spicy                       HRK 70

Tender rolls of succulent lamb minced, skewered and grilled in tandoor

Prawns Tawa Fry nonvegetarian                             HRK 70

Prawns marinated and pan fried with our house special spice mix

Fish Tawa Fry nonvegetarian glutenfree spicy                       HRK 80

Whole Orada fish marinated & pan fried with our house special mix

Paneer Butter Masala vegetarian glutenfree chefReco           HRK 70

Cottage cheese cooked in creamy butter & onion tomato gravy

Jeera Aloo vegetarian glutenfree vegan                           HRK 50

Dry preparation of potato tossed with cumin

Vegetable Chettinad vegetarian glutenfree spicy             HRK 50

Vegetable cooked in spicy Chettinad spices                                                    

Amritsari Masala Chole vegetarian spicy               HRK 50

Chickpeas cooked with tomatoes, onions and exotic spices                        

Apricot Kofta Curry vegetarian                         HRK 60

Dumplings of cottage cheese, apricots cooked in cashew gravy                        

Dal Makhani vegetarian glutenfree                             HRK 60

Creamy buttery simmered black lentils with traditional spices                        

Dal Tadka vegetarian glutenfree vegan chefReco                       HRK 55

Garlic and cumin tempered yellow lentils

Chicken Chettinad nonveg spicy                     HRK 80

Chicken cooked in spicy Chettinad spices

Butter Chicken nonveg glutenfree                           HRK 80

Tandoor cooked chicken tossed with rich tomato gravy

Lamb Kofta Curry nonveg spicy                     HRK 80

Minced lamb balls cooke in onion tomato gravy and spices

Dal Gosht nonveg glutenfree chefReco                             HRK 90

Lamb chunks simmered with lentils & tempered with mild spices

Prawns Coconut Curry nonveg glutenfree                 HRK 90

Prawns cooked in coconut milk, ginger-garlic & Indian herbs

Southern Fish Curry nonveg glutenfree                   HRK 90

Brancin fish on the bone cooked in southern spices along with coconut in a smooth gravy


Dum Pukht Biryani

Fragrant basmati rice cooked on dum, choice of vegetable / chicken / lamb, served with raita & papad

HRK 70 / 80 / 90

Lemon Rice glutenfree                                     HRK 30

Indian style risotto, basmati rice mashed with lentils and tempered with spices

Jeera Rice glutenfree                                       HRK 25

Basmati rice tempered with cumin

Vegetable Pulav glutenfree                             HRK 40

Mix assorted vegetable tempered and tossed with Basmati rice

Plain Rice glutenfree                                       HRK 20

Plain boiled basmati rice



Leavened bread stuffed with a choice of onion, potato, cheese or kheema

HRK 20 / 20 / 25 / 30

Tandoori Roti vegan                                   HRK 10

Whole wheat flour bread cooked in tandoor                            

Naan vegan                                 HRK 10 / 15 / 15

Leavened bread baked in tandoor choice of Plain / Butter / Garlic

Raita glutenfree                                 HRK 5

Burned garlic, mix veg

Roasted Masala Papad vegan     HRK 15

Crisp seasoned dough with vegetable garnish

Roasted Plain papad vegan         HRK 10

Plain crisp seasoned dough


Gulab Jamun

Kolkata sponge milk balls fried in clarified butter, soaked in rose syrup. Served with vanilla ice-cream

HRK 30

Mix Berries Phirni glutenfree vegan       HRK 30

Soya milk, semolina and rice laced with mix berries                                                                              

Ice Cream Falooda chefReco           HRK 30

Summer special home made, chilled reduced milk with icecream, rice noodles and basil seeds to cool the appetite

Bhapa Doi                           HRK 25

Steamed yoghurt pudding                                    

Moong Dal Payasam             HRK 25

A popular South Indian sweet made with moong dal and coconut milk

Kid's Menu
Vegetarian vegetarian                                 HRK 30

Cheese nuggets, French fries & potato stuffed naan

Non Vegetarian nonvegetarian                         HRK 30

Chicken nuggets, French fries & Cheese stuffed naan


Lal Qila

Vodka, strawberry & green apple

HRK 40

Namaste Sour                                 HRK 40

White rum, basil, pomegranate & egg white                                  

Detox                                             HRK 45

Tequila, basil, orange & white wine

Dr. Advice                                       HRK 45

Turmeric infused gin, rosemary, tonic water, ginger & orange

The Dark Caribbean                       HRK 40

Dark rum, espresso, fresh cream & chocolate


Himalayan Blush

Blue Curacao, home made ginger syrup & sparkling water

HRK 25

Gulaboo                                               HRK 30

Strawberry, vanilla, pineapple & fresh cream

Desi Fusion                                           HRK 25

Fresh green apple, strawberry crush & pomegranate juice

Masala Coke                                       HRK 25

Home made masala, lime, coriander & coke

Plum drop                                           HRK 30

Cranberry juice, lime & sugar

Sparkling Nimbu                     HRK 20

Fresh lime juice, sugar, salt & sparkling water

White Wine

All prices are for full bottle (0.75 L)

Škrlet, Trdenić, 2017                             HRK 140

Podregija Moslavina, (Voloder – Ivanić Grad)

Precious, Mežnarić, 2013                       HRK 160

Podregija Zagorje- Međimurje (Varaždin)

Traminac, Trdenić, 2017                         HRK 185

Podregija Moslavina (Voloder – Ivanić Grad)

Chardonnay, Krauthaker, 2016             HRK 200

Podregija Slavonija (Kutjevo)

Pošip, Jokić, 2015                                 HRK 200

Podregija Dalmatinska zagora (Benkovac – Stankovci)

Belaigra, Domaine Koquelicot, 2016       HRK 220

Podregija Hrvatska Istra (Centralna Istra)

Pro et contra, Štampar, 2016               HRK 240

Podregija Zagorje-Međimurje (Međimurje)

Sauvignon blanc, Bolfan Primus, 2012   HRK 260

Podregija Zagorje Međimurje (Zlatar)

Aromano, Bolfan, 2016                         HRK 290

Podregija Zagorje - Međimurje (Zlatar)

Pinot Bijeli, Jarec & Kure, 2016               HRK 160

Podregija Prigorje – Bilogora (Zelina)

Graševina Pomale, Krauthaker, 2017       HRK 180

Podregija Slavonija (Kutjevo, Pomale)

Malvazija, Kabola, 2017                       HRK 190

Podregija Hrvatska Istra (Zapadna Istra)

Maraština, Jokić, 2015                         HRK 200

Podregija Dalmatinska zagora (Benkovac – Stankovci)

Mala Nevina, Saint Hills, 2016               HRK 210

Podregija Hrvatska Istra (Zapadna Istra)

Kuvlakhe, Krauthaker, 2011                   HRK 240

Podregija Slavonija (Kutjevo)

Grimalda Bijela, Matošević, 2016           HRK 250

Podregija Hrvatska Istra (Centralna Istra)

Tingo, Bolfan, 2016                             HRK 290

Podregija Zagorje - Međimurje (Zlatar)

Iločki Traminac, Principovac, 2011           HRK 290

Podregija Hrvatsko Podunavlje (Srijem)

Red Wine

All prices are for full bottle (0.75 L)

Frankovka, Orahovica, 2015                 HRK 160

Podregija Slavonija (Orahovica - Slatina)

Plavac, Tomić, 2015                               HRK 180

Podregija Srednja i južna Dalmacija (Hvar)

Testament, San d.o.o., 2016                   HRK 220

Podregija Sjeverna Dalmacija (Primošten)

Pinot crni, Bolfan, 2016                         HRK 290

Podregija Zagorje- Međimurje (Zlatar)

Pinot crni, Dvanajščak – Kozol, 2015       HRK 170

Podregija Zagorje – Međimurje (Međimurje)

Cuvee Ciconia Nigra, Josić, 2016           HRK 200

Podregija Hrvatsko Podunavlje (Baranja)

Mercs, Krauthaker, 2015                       HRK 250

Podregija Slavonija (Kutjevo)

Plavac Mali Barrique, Tomić, 2011         HRK 340

Podregija Srednja i južna Dalmacija (Hvar)

Rose Wine

All prices are for full bottle (0.75 L)

Rose, Trdenić, 2017                               HRK 150

Podregija Moslavina (Voloder)

Rose Heels, Saint Hills, 2017                 HRK 230

Podregija Srednja i Južna Dalmacija (Pelješac)

Sparkling / Champagne

All prices are for full bottle (0.75 L)

Julija, Krauthaker                                 HRK 170

Podregija Slavonija (Kutjevo)

Centurion Silver, Bolfan, NV                 HRK 195

Podregija Zagorje - Međimurje (Zlatar)

Dom Perignon, Moët & Chandon                 HRK 2100

Champagne, Epernay

Predicate Wine

All prices are for full bottle (0.75 L)

Rajnski Riesling, Bolfan paidia 2010       HRK 190

Podregija Zagorje-Međimurje (Zlatar)

Rajnski riesling, Bodren, 2013                 HRK 520

Podregija Zagorje – Međimurje (Zagorje)

Sweet Wine

All prices are for full bottle (0.75 L)

Cuvee sweet, Bodren, 2016           HRK 170

Podregija Zagorje – Međimurje (Zagorje)

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